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EBIIAA 2017-2018 Board of Directors

 Secretary/Executive Administrator -  Jay-Marie Garcia  925-597-3022 or 925-210-1717 x135    Fax 925-210-1818 ebiiaa.jaymarie@gmail.com

Executive Committee
Dan Shea
Shea Insurance

Jackie Tufo

McDermott Costa

Jennifer Amador
Diablo Valley Insurance
Immediate Past President
Ron Menchini
Cook, Disharoon & Greathouse Insurance Brokers

Sal Contreras    
Mike Rose's Auto Body

Vicki McDaniel

Safeco Insurance
Lana Johnson
Markel Specialty Commercial

Elsa Kennedy
Nico Veran

M.A. Hayes Insurance

Denia Shields

Lou Aggetta Insurance
David Kaufman

 Lou Aggetta Insurance

Dale Manning

Twin Rivers Insurance
Jerry Laurita

 Twin Rivers Insurance


Michael Pallas


Abbe Sultan


Stone Creek Insurance 
 Stone Creek Insurance

Bonnie Lee

State Compensation Insurance Fund