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* Share ideas and information that can aid in the success of your agency  


* Develop long-lasting business and personal relationships 


* Provides continued education and staff development 


* Working closely with local organizations to helping others in our community 


* Adheres to a standard code of ethics and business practices 

* Communicate Best Practices showing the value and strength of the Independent Agency Channel 


* Promote the Independent Agent as a dominant and effective distribution channel 


* Highlight and discuss political and legal information that affects your industry 


* Forum to acquire current company updates and opportunities 


* Membership includes all employees in your organization 



The dedicated members of the EBIIAA exists to

trengthen the independent agents relationship with carriers and companies
Create an environment for networking and fellowship within the insurance industry
Offer professional growth through education
Provide access to influence legislation affecting the insurance industry
Enhance our community by the giving of our time and resources

Achieving our mission requires great agents and brokers who are innovative, energetic, and who possess the following values:

Perform our duties in a professional and ethical manner
Open and honest channels of communication
Put our clients best interest first
Committed to strengthening the Association
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